Sweet William & handmade dolls

 ~ Valarie ~

~ Lola ~ 

  I love these handmade dolls and their gypsy style, crafted by Paula Mills.
Available at her shop Sweet William, along with beautiful illustrations and tiny pocket dolls.

 ~ Miniture Camille ~


~ little leaves ~

 Another little styro-print; the leaf measures only 1¼" x 2¾".
I played with different colours of paint, but I love the black on colourful paper.


R.F. Côté's collages

 Some of the wonderful little collages by R.F. Côté from his Circulaire 132 and you can see more originals on his Instagram account, here.


& Karine Léger

~ Hello Moon V ~

~ Blue Mountain I ~

~ Cross ~

 I just love her dreamy paintings. Her website: Karine Léger.


✈ vanitas mailart ✈

~ sent to Torill ~

~ sent to Torma ~

 I love these beautiful postcards and turning them into vanitas mailart is just the best.
And receiving these fantastic skull stamps inspired me to make some black envelopes.
Thanks so much, Ash!

~ received from Camel O'rama ~


Journey of a Tea Bag

~ 12 Happy Spring/52 Weeks of Tea ~

 This is such a lovely idea for recycled art. "Journey of a Tea Bag" was originally a creative 365 project, which the artist is continuing to work on weekly.

~ 8 Fish Friday/52 Weeks of Tea ~

  ~ 9 Happy Leap Day/52 Weeks of Tea ~

~ 10 Something I Learned In Vegas/52 Weeks of Tea ~

~ Day 361 ~

~ so many tea bags so little time ~


◦ random image ◦

A sure sign of Spring.

 "I managed to capture a photo of a rare Aberfoylian Bull Frog 
as it emerged from hibernation which only occurs on April 1." 
by Al Krist 

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