Otto Sherman & mailart

"I am now producing a continuing barrage of stamps, medals and cancellation works as politically and historically inappropriate visual statements about the world we live in. Come see, to date, what is considered a relatively new art form!"    ottoart.com


& Katie Ridley Murphy

Beautiful prints by Katie Ridley Murphy via OEN
her website here.



~ tin full o' hope ~

 by Linda Gryllis via her tumblr


◦ random skull image ◦

Vincent van skull, starry night 

 Found this great Van Gogh inspired stitched skull by Haley Dicken via Fibre Arts.


& Aitch

~ Spring ~

~ Beautiful Us, series of 9 illustrations ~

~ Milk ~

~ Coffins, series ~

 Fantastic works by Aitch, an illustrator from Romania, see more on her website and on Behance.
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