◦ Eclipse of the Moon ◦

Partial Eclipse of the Moon, 
observed on October 24, 1874, 
illustrated by Étienne Léopold Trouvelot, 
courtesy of the NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY.
image via gin'n'bird


& Philip Taaffe

Desert Flowers

The Sorcerer’s Apron

 See more of Philip Taaffe's work on Luhring Augustine.


~ Happy New Year ~

 It's almost the New Year, and for a warm and cozy start, if you don't have your own cat or fireplace, here is an hour long video of Lil Bub. Take care, everyone, and here's to 2015!


Illustration Friday ✩ home ✩

 A quick pencil sketch of a little house at Christmas time.
Happy Holidays!

To view all the submissions for "home" click here.


& Fairy Coffins

 In 1836, three Scottish boys discovered a strange cache of miniature coffins concealed on a hillside above Edinburgh. Who put them there—and why?

 Read the full story at Smithsonianmag.com.

Photos from the National Museum of Scotland.


Sketchbook Project 2015 ~ 1st draft

 There's still time to sign up for The Sketchbook Project 2015 ~ go here.

 They have extended the due date too which is great news.
My original idea was to replace the pages, so I played around with my sketchbook as is first.
I'll put it away for a bit and then try my new pages before deciding which direction to go in.

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