& Beth Hoeckel

~ Portal ~

~ Artifacts ~

~ Distance ~

~ Orange ~

 Fantastic collages by Beth Hoeckel.
Lots more to look at on her tumblr birdsofpray and her website.


Illustration Friday ✩ garden ✩

 A couple of sketches plotting out where things are and where to put new things.

To view all the submissions for "garden" click here.


~ hens teeth art ~

Lovely work and lots to check out, via hens teeth art.


& skull mailart

 A few of my favorite things: sharpies, hole punch, mailart and skulls.


✫ random image ✫

~ Forest Imagery ~
by Sandrine Pelissier


Illustration Friday ✩ monster ✩

 I still love these paper dolls my son and I made a long time ago. There are literally hundreds of good and bad guys to choose from. The kid's monsters were always tougher and scarier than mine.
  Click here to see more of our paper dolls.

one of his

one of mine

To view all the submissions for "monster" click here.


~ dans le jardin ~

 Looking through my gardening journal, I came across these magazine photos of
a fantastic combination of sculpture and garden by Ann-Marie Deloire.

is the home and garden of artists Ann-Marie & Raymond Deloire, and is open to the public.

photos via deco.fr

 If you don't find yourself in the South of France, you can always take a lovely break and stroll through their website,
Le Jardin Des Fleurs Du Poterie.

(see more pages of my journal here)
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