B. Frank Oord ~ white flowers

~ Iris Study ~

~ White Roses ~

 To see more, please visit B. Frank Oord ~ aquarelles
a blog dedicated to my father's artwork.


Illustration Friday ✩ animal ✩

3 x 3 inches

To view all the submissions for "animal" click here.


20 mini collages

 Mini collages measuring 2" x 3½" standard business card size. I put this series of twenty together for R.F. Côté's Circulaire 132. "Un zine d'assemblage sur l'art postal en général destiné aux mailartistes pour permettre l'échange d'idées, faire connaître divers projets."


ghost & bandit

 Some lovely, Halloween themed, tiny original artworks by ohchalet on Etsy.

 And one for November.


& fèves

~ fèves,  Kokeshi dolls ~
1" tall, porcelain

"Youth & Longevity"

 There's a great tumblr I browse ~ Etsy If You're Nasty ~ which lead me to buying these two tiny Japanese Kokeshi dolls and discovering a very old French tradition, Galette des Rois.
These fèves came from ValueARTifacts. They have many, many, many to choose from and are reliable.  For the history, I found two good articles:

Galette des Rois
  "I’m jumping ahead to the 6th to the feast of Epiphany when the arrival of the three kings, la fête des rois was celebrated with a cake. The custom dates back to the Middle Ages when a cake made of flaky pastry filled with frangipane paste, was cut into equal slices and placed on a table. Originally the trinket in the cake was a real bean, now replaced by a porcelain charm. A child was put under the table and when the mother pointed to a slice the child had to call out who the slice was for. Whoever found the fève in his slice became king for the day and wore a gold paper crown."

  "The porcelain fève began in the 19th century and came from Germany until World War I, when Limoges [a city in France] took over production. Plastic fèves came into favor in the 1940’s. Collectors of fèves are known as fabophiles in France. A fève that dates before 1914 can fetch as much as 450 Euros!!! Today top bakeries commission famous designers to design feves for their cakes!"

article and photo via KMD, Galette des Rois


~ Vanitas Mailart Invites ~

 little invites

  Getting full use of my styro-print, I prepared lots of pieces of cardstock to make a bunch of little invites for my Vanitas Mailart Call. (Get more details here.)   I just love these guys.

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