◦ random skull image ◦

hand embroidered on natural linen


& Henri Rousseau

 An American Indian Struggling With A Gorilla

The Hungry Lion Throws Itself On The Antelope


◦ random skull image ◦

~ Cat & Skull ~

 I came across this fantastic screen print via and flowers will grow from my body and followed the links to the originating artist, Gillian Wilson. Gillian's a Canadian artist who sells her prints via Etsy; check out her shop here ~ triangletrees.     Lucky for me ~ my print should be arriving soon!


~ frips' little booklet ~

  Included with all the wonderful bits of paper, little drawings, and atcs I received from frips
(an amazing mail-artist from Belgium) was a little blank booklet. It was simply machine stitched to hold it together and measures about 1" x 3" when openned. I added some cancelled postage stamps and used many of my rubber stamps to fill up the little pages, then I mailed it off to another friend.

 frips has a great mailart call: seeds for food


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