◦ green leaf mandala ◦

 It all started by drawing this mandala celebrating Spring.


~ tiny leaf tags ~

 After seeing my little leaves, a neighbour asked if I could make her a whole lot of tiny leaves to use as price tags. She creates amazing macramé plant holders (I'll take photos this summer).

 I used my styro-print technique, this time carving three leaves to make printing easier and expedient. Once the prints dried, I trimmed them, approx. ¾" x 1½", then used a large needle to make a hole and thread the hemp twine through. Love the earthy colours.


··☽ The Flower Moon ☾··

 The full moon in May just past, so it's a good time to plant gardens,
also known as The Flower Moon.

 I got inspired to make this styro-print by the Free People Blog.


Sweet William & handmade dolls

 ~ Valarie ~

~ Lola ~ 

  I love these handmade dolls and their gypsy style, crafted by Paula Mills.
Available at her shop Sweet William, along with beautiful illustrations and tiny pocket dolls.

 ~ Miniture Camille ~


~ little leaves ~

 Another little styro-print; the leaf measures only 1¼" x 2¾".
I played with different colours of paint, but I love the black on colourful paper.


R.F. Côté's collages

 Some of the wonderful little collages by R.F. Côté from his Circulaire 132 and you can see more originals on his Instagram account, here.


& Karine Léger

~ Hello Moon V ~

~ Blue Mountain I ~

~ Cross ~

 I just love her dreamy paintings. Her website: Karine Léger.

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