& costume stickers

Got to love the girlee stuff at the Dollar Store.


Illustration Friday ✩ people ✩

 Some quick sketches of people done while watching a documentary on Neanderthals. Ended up drawing a man on his way home with some groceries, and a couple of portraits of the scientists.

To view all the submissions for "people" click here.


& paper weaving

 Have you tried paper weaving before?
I made these mini atc paper weaves after playing with regular sized pieces of paper first.
The Origami Resource Center website has lots of useful patterns.


& Beth Hoeckel

~ Portal ~

~ Artifacts ~

~ Distance ~

~ Orange ~

 Fantastic collages by Beth Hoeckel.
Lots more to look at on her tumblr birdsofpray and her website.


Illustration Friday ✩ garden ✩

 A couple of sketches plotting out where things are and where to put new things.

To view all the submissions for "garden" click here.


~ hens teeth art ~

Lovely work and lots to check out, via hens teeth art.


& skull mailart

 A few of my favorite things: sharpies, hole punch, mailart and skulls.

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