Illustration Friday ~ wish

A full moon to make a wish upon.

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& Caitlin McCormack

untitled via Fibre Arts 

 Love these pieces and their loose threads.
Described as "crocheted apocryphal animal skeletons" by the artist, Caitlin McCormack
Check her website here.

C. Orexis
 cotton string, glue; pinned to black velvet in a 15" x 12" x 2" frame


◅ Witch Doctors & Healers ▻

"These are portraits of modern healers and medicine workers 
who carry traditions from the ancient past into this time of plastic bags and cellphones." 

Photographs from Thomas Rousset and Raphael Verona's book Waska Tatay


Illustration Friday ~ skull (pin cushion)

~ 2½" embroidered pin cushion ~

 I am so happy with the results of this project.
Free People posted an article showing of to craft a mason jar into a sewing kit, take a look here.
I had a tiny mason jar perfect for storing pins and making a pin cushion with the lid is a great idea. 

 I embroidered the fabric first, then stuffed in a lot of batting. The lid snapped easily into place with the ring, even with the fabric in between. I trimmed the excess fabric off and hot glued it down to the center of the lid.  Here are some photos of the process. 

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& mini-mandalas

 Little skull & feather mandalas on pages of an old book, 3 x 4½".


Denim & Bleach

 I recently cut a pair of jeans into shorts and used the remaining pieces to experiment using bleach.
It was like painting with invisible ink, with the excitement of watching the results slowly emerge!
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