Illustration Friday ✩ trapped ✩

 I drew these three years ago for I.F.'s prompt "liquid", that post here.

To view all the submissions for "village" click here.


◦ random skull image ◦

 I recently received this fantastic postcard and checked the web for more information. There is a blog about the project, with many other submissions, even though it's from a while back.

 The artist, Tito Honegger, is from Switzerland and continues to create amazing works, quite different from this skeleton; be sure to check out his website.


Canada's 149th

~ fireworks in Ottawa at the Parliament Buildings ~
via CBC.ca

~ printable invitation download ~


new paper dolls

 I went through all the patterned cardstock that has been kicking around for too long, cutting the big pieces into bodies with legs and the small pieces into arms. Then I realized the skull from my vanitas invite is a good size, so I printed off a whole bunch and cut them out too. I used two-sided tape to stick them together. Lots of fun!

 I've mailed most of them out, including a set of twenty for Circulaire 132.


◦ green leaf mandala ◦

 It all started by drawing this mandala celebrating Spring.


~ tiny leaf tags ~

 After seeing my little leaves, a neighbour asked if I could make her a whole lot of tiny leaves to use as price tags. She creates amazing macramé plant holders (I'll take photos this summer).

 I used my styro-print technique, this time carving three leaves to make printing easier and expedient. Once the prints dried, I trimmed them, approx. ¾" x 1½", then used a large needle to make a hole and thread the hemp twine through. Love the earthy colours.

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