Mrs. Delany & her botanical collages

 "To create a new form of art must be the dream of every aspiring artist and to do this at the remarkable age of 72 years old is a remarkable achievement. Mary Granville (1700-1788) spent her happiest married years in Ireland and, encouraged by her second husband, Dean Patrick Delany, she developed her original artistic talents. It is for her collection of botanical pictures created out of coloured papers, at an age when most people’s powers are declining, that she will be best remembered. Her ‘paper mosaicks’, as Mrs. Delany called her collection occupied her until October 1782 when failing sight constrained her to stop, but she had completed nearly one thousand. She placed her pictures in ten volumes, which are now in the British Museum in London." ~ Irish Georgian Society ~ 

images via pale


& Canadian Stamps

 I had fun putting together these monochromatic collages. On a whim, I bought an envelope of used stamps, when I poured them out to see what there was, I couldn't resist arranging them by colour. Using some pieces of 6½" x 4¼" cardboard, I started arranging them to create ... mailart.
 Looking over the stamps was surprisingly nostalgic; it was great to see whole series of stamps and so many different years. It was a simple project and I love the results.

~ in red ~

~ in green ~

~ in blue ~



& Katie Scott

 "Kings of Super Beasts"

~ part one ~

~ part two ~

~ part three ~

 You can see much more of Katie Scott's amazing work on her tumblr and website.


Illustration Friday ~ twisted

~ Twisted Mermaids ~

 A quick doodle inspired by this fantastic image:

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