Illustration Friday ✩ secret ✩

I was inspired with the idea of a secret garden and painting with white on black paper.

 This is the great image that I tumbled upon:

Check out IllustrationFriday✭com and all the other artists' submissions here.


  1. Do not imagine you, drawing a heart
    but hey, you're a woman, a heart with a skull is not bad!!!!
    (I think I owe you an email reply. Mmmmmm) forgiveness
    Have a nice weekend!

  2. Perhaps it was your influence!
    Yes I am all woman and I do think my skulls are on the sweet side!
    ; ))
    I should work on IF earlier in the week,
    perhaps a new summer schedule is in order.
    p.s. I hope to find something in the mail from you!


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